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chris' Journal

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Thursday, September 27th, 2001
12:55 pm
What a life
what happens when ya leave the computer
your life changes thats what
how i dont know
but it does
well me and leslie broke a long time ago
shes still a good friend and person
but ive moved on
i have a new chick
named Eirene Tsipolitis
sweetheart she is
when the girl leaves ya drop her and find a better one
thats what i did
i finally got a car and its now screwed up
but being fixed

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Friday, May 25th, 2001
10:37 am - huh????
not much to say
but hey hatress
love ya leslie!!!!

GOD help me?!?!?!!?$^^*&
i dont know!

but newayz
what am i doing in the last hour of school?
writing this hahahahaha

but good luck lori
and brett
thats another story

i want leslie
she is hott
and sexy!!!

shes sugar
and spice
and everything nice

well ill c u on the flipside
mr. hater

i love leslie
i love leslie
i love leslie


it strange that things come in

is the morphous

current mood: pleased

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Wednesday, May 23rd, 2001
10:28 am - trouble
well i enjoyed yesterday but my mom wasnt to happy
she was a little steamed
but thats ok
i enjoyed myself!@!@#$$%^&*(%*^@!^*&%
i love my girl
she is the koolest
i just cant say anything that will state enuff for her
she is just too wonderful
i cant say anything that will be good enuff to not insult her
but i love her
i cant wait to get a car!!!!
then i can B free
i love aphrodite!!!
it is the hottest sh*t
love it
Leslie: thanx for the love
Brett: thanx for the sticks
Lori: love ya lil sis
Jess: dont know ya but hey
Hatress: WORD!!!!
BC: ...................thats all i have to say
dirty!: ....................ummmm.....yeah......is that better???????dam
Thomas: when r u gonna burn my cds!?!?!?!?!????!!?!?!?!?!?
Ty: who?
Niki: umm pictures, found em
Pointer: GWEEEEN WEINER!!!!!!!
and all my other homies i'll thank some other time
oh yeah: thanks to God for this phat @$$ rhyme

do what ya want and do what ya fell
and dont hold back

current mood: hot

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Tuesday, May 22nd, 2001
10:02 am - water baloon FIGHT!!!!
this is going to be one hell ofa day
only if my mom will let my girl come over
i think she will, i hope
i love leslie!!!!!
she is the koolest, sweetest, hottest, most tolerent, chick in the world
i love her with no doubt at all
i just cant help it
yesterday night on in to this morning i got to drive my next door neighbors car
which is a stick, i havent had much practice at all
but i got good at it in just moments which is kool
my next door neighbor charles is the koolest guy in the world
he knows how i think and can help me with life all except doing it for me
but about 12 last night, me and charles went to an old run down house
im going to use it as a type of hang out
it will be kool
i cant wait for leslie to come ove tonight
i am going to soak her, and im going to enjoy it
leslie in a bathing suit and her getting wet, what more could a guy want?
but i AM going to marry her
thats that
i made her laugh for like 20 minutes yesterday, just saying one word
thats funny
well thats the end of my wonderful story.
i love you leslie!!!!
word to the hatress!!!!!!!

current mood: enthralled

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Monday, May 21st, 2001
10:57 am - let
This is my last wk. in school and i have to go to work after i get out of school
one thing i have realized once u fall in love u cant get out
but i love it
leslie is my life and my love
i will marry her
she knows it
to the hatress:
be happy
dont worry
will rondevu
will rondevu
For Gods Sake
life sux until u find what u most need in life
sex is like snow; ya never know how long its gonna last or how many inches u'll get
where would men be w/o women? any man who denys this is NOT a man
the hatress is the one who tells u the way things really are and why she just hasnt got to the why yet

follow the white rabbit................................

current mood: drunk

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